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A.I. Artificial Intelligence is a story about a robotic boy, programmed to be able to "feel" love, who longs to be "real" after being rejected by his adopted human family.

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Why was David's happiness so important to the Mecha descendants?

At the end of the movie Artificial Intelligence: A.I, the young protagonist David is found by the Mecha after 2000 years encased in ice. According to their representation of the blue fairie, there ...
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What was the virtual reality research that was used to produce the movie A.I.?

Years ago, I watched a documentary / behind the scenes on the movie A.I. (2001). It explained that the scenes in town were generated by putting markers on the ceiling. Each camera had an attached ...
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Is the first part of "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" based on Kubrick's or Spielberg's concepts/style?

I remember (99% sure) an interview with Spielberg (in a documentary of Kubrick's lifework), where he states that many critics falsely supposed that Spielberg was responsible for the first part (...
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