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Does After Earth's sci-fi jargon have any basis in reality or is it complete gibberish?

One of the most quoted lines from After Earth is: Graviton buildup could be a precursor to mass expansion. This phrase is not only very memorable, but it's also quoted in many reviews as ...
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Why are they traveling with Ursa?

I didn't get why they are travelling with Ursa in After Earth. And what is their desired travel plan (obviously not earth)?
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Why did his sister make a scary face?

I am taking about After Earth. In the scene the boy was sleeping on his hand-made raft and his dream was being shown. After hearing the conversation I think that the boy wanted to talk to his sister ...
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What are the Planets?

In the movie "After Earth" the humans are relocated to another planet. What is that planet and the planet the ship crashes? Is it the Earth?
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