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What's the significance of the dog on Mars?

In a very short scene on Mars [timestamp approx 55:45], you can see something resembling a dog. What breed is it? To me it looks like German Shepherd. What is its significance? Zoomed gif…
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Is fight during launch from Mars depicted properly in Ad Astra?

In the movie Ad Astra there was fight in the rocket. When rockets stage detached one of the people smashed against the door. But most of the time it was look like they're in space already (no gravity),...
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Do astronauts really have to pay for pillows and blankets as shown in Ad Astra?

Is it really true that astronauts actually have to pay for pillows and blankets during space-flights as shown in Ad Astra? I would rather say it sounds like paying for drinking water or maybe at best ...
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What happens to Clifford in Ad Astra?

In the end of Ad Astra, Clifford asks Roy to unhook him. Roy reluctantly obeys. But in the next shot, they show Roy staring at a bright near Neptune’s rings. Was it his own ship, or is there a ...
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Why was this Major McBride's only objective in Ad Astra?

Early on in Ad Astra, Roy McBride (Brad Pitt's character) is told "Major, we would like you to send a personal message on Mars by secure laser to what we hope is the Lima Project." Then, he travels to ...
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Why did Lantos help Roy?

Per the Wikipedia article on Ad Astra, Lantos reveals that Clifford's crew had mutinied and tried to return to Earth, causing him to turn off their life-support systems, her parents included. She ...
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Who emits this vocalization near the end of Ad Astra?

Near the end of Ad Astra, Roy unclips the tether connecting him to his father, Clifford. This is followed by a shot of Clifford drifting away. After a few seconds of silence, a short scream is heard. ...
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