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Refers to Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) American fantasy horror film based on the mashup's novel of the same name.

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Was there a particular reason for 2012/2013's rise in movies about Abraham Lincoln?

In the last two years there have seemed to be an unusual amount of movies about Abraham Lincoln: Killing Lincoln (2013) Lincoln (2012) Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012) Abraham Lincoln vs ...
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Why was Abraham Lincoln chosen to be a vampire hunter?

In the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, Abraham Lincoln is portrayed as a vampire hunter. I do not understand why the producers chose him to be a vampire hunter. Historically he is of great ...
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Where do the historical accuracies end and fiction begin in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter?

There are innumerable fictions in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (based on Seth Graeme Smith's 2010 novel). From the existence of vampires, to the mass collection of silver to combat the Confederacy'...
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