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Is there any recorded discussion explicating why Octavia Spencer is credited as "Roark's Nurse" in A Time To Kill?

Octavia Spencer, in A Time To Kill appears early on in the film, as a nurse attending to Tonya. Only in the climax sequence does she call to Roark ("We won! We won! Ellen we won!"). There's ...
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Is there a source that suggests Judge Noose in A Time to Kill is biracial, and passing for white?

This is what got me thinking of that question: Patrick McGoohan when playing Omar Noose seems to be bi-racial, specifically part-black and part-white, although in other pictures of the actor, he doesn'...
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Who is Mickey Mouse in the movie A Time To Kill

In A Time to Kill we see a certain Mickey Mouse warns people before anything bad happens to them. So, who is this Mickey Mouse? Is it possible that he belongs to the Klan group? Then why does he not ...
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"A Time to kill" final verdict?

In the movie A Time to Kill in the final scenes it was shown that the accused was innocent. But from the movie 12 Angry Men we can see that all the jury members must accept the same decision, it ...
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