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This Psychological Thriller was released by 20th Century Fox studio in Feb 2017. It stars Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs and Mia Goth and directed by Gore Verbinski .

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Was the regenerating tooth an error, or something else?

So I just watched A Cure For Wellness, and wasn't very impressed by it. Normally when I watch movies I keep an eye out for plot holes and continuity errors, because it often entertains me more than ...
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Why eels don't attack in the pool in "A cure for wellness"?

In the A Cure for Wellness... there is a scene where Hanna goes into the swimming pool. Eels come out. Similarly there are eels that eat humans. That is how they dispose dead bodies. Now ...
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What the Baron did with his patients?

I have just watched the movie A Cure for Wellness. Can someone who is familiar with this movie explain to me what the doctor/baron did with his patients? I suppose that he in some way exploited them ...
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What happens after the eels are injected into Lockhart?

What really happened after eels or eel like species are injected into Lockhart's body? He seems really calm after that scene. Are all the patients injected with eels?
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