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1993 Movie Crime-Drama starring Robert De Niro. Set in the 1960's Bronx, New York.

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Who is Carmine in A Bronx Tale?

At the end of A Bronx Tale (1993), Joe Pesci makes a cameo appearance at... ...introducing himself to Calogero as Carmine and asking if he remembered him. Was this character actually shown earlier in ...
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What happens to the baby?

In A Bronx Tale, When C is dropped off outside his apartment from his dads bus, at the beginning of the movie, there is a baby crying upstairs and he decides to skip out instead of going home. ...
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What happens to the mom in A Bronx Tale

In the 1993 movies A Bronx Tale what happens to Calogero's mom Rosina. She sort of just dissappears after Calogero turns 17 but you see the dad (Deniro) quite a bit. Does she die? Divorce?
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