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What does "carvers" and "cleavers" mean in a dialogue in the '6 Underground'?

In the movie 6 Underground around the 01:26:38 mark a guy shoots another guy and the following dialogue happens: His first friend: Nice shot. Guy that shot: Carvers. His second friend: Cleavers. So, ...
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Why did Seven ask such question?

In the film 6 Underground, after his funeral, the ghost of Seven joins One’s group. At a restaurant, One uses cups to demonstrate how dictatorships work: Seven: So, we're all gonna die? Two: Not me. ...
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Does #1 have any former training?

In the movie 6 underground, we find that the team is composed of different people from various backgrounds. Among those is #1 a.k.a. the Billionaire, who after faking his own death decided to form the ...
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Why is there no No:6 in the movie "6 Underground"?

In the Ryan Reynolds movie 6 Underground each person is called by a no. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7. There is no 6. Ryan Reynolds's character put the team together and he gave others the corresponding ...
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What is the significance of Raymond in 6 Underground?

Just watching the movie 6 Underground. At around 1:05, What is the significance of this interaction, if any?
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