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2002's British science fiction zombie invasion horror film.

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In 28 Days Later, the infected lost cognitive ability -- but isn't there a scene where one can hear the infected speaking? [closed]

In 28 Days Later the head of the soldiers confidently (and rightly) predicts the end of the problem, because the infected become severely mentally impaired (even if they were merely enraged all the ...
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What’s the deal with code red in 28 weeks Later?

In 28 weeks later, the military initiates Code Red when the virus breaks out, and the soldiers were order to kill everyone, even those who were healthy. What’s the point of it though? It made for ...
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How was the deserted London scene in the movie '28 Days Later' filmed?

I saw this question about real-world filming locations and it reminded me of an excellent zombie movie I saw few years ago called '28 Days Later'. In this movie, on waking up the protagonist finds ...
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Why 28 and not any other number?

In 28 Days Later, why did they select the value 28 and not any other? Is this number something special or did they just choose it randomly?
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How long did it take the infected to starve in 28 Days Later?

At the end of the movie 28 Days Later, we see that many of the infected are starving. But how long did it actually take all of the infected to starve to death? The main character wakes up after 28 ...
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Did Rage spread from Britain or not?

In 28 Days Later..., the soldiers are discussing that Rage is so infectious and manifests so quickly after infection (within seconds) that it couldn't have spread outside of Britain. However, in the ...
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How does Jim know there is a secret door?

In 28 Days Later, when they end up at the mansion with the military guys, Jim goes on a rampage and sets free the infected. He ends up being chased by them and runs into a room where he proceeds to a ...
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