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Why are movies still shot in 35mm? [duplicate]

Just now I watched Manchester By The Sea. The movie consists of razor sharp images because it was shot with Arri Alexa. Manchester By The Sea was released by Amazon Studios not a BIG production ...
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Why are movies still shot on film? [duplicate]

Many modern big budget films such as Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Interstellar and even some TV shows such as Breaking Bad are still shot on film. Directors such as Christopher Nolan and Quentin ...
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What exactly is 70mm print and why does anyone care?

There has been a bit of controversy lately over the release of Tarantino's Hateful Eight movie. As I understand it, the movie was scheduled to play in a particular theater in Los Angeles that plays ...
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Are lights a worthwhile investment?

If Terrence Malick can get such gorgeous images using almost entirely natural/available light, why do filmmakers bother with artificial lights? From behind-the-scenes material, you learn that much of ...
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What is the Resolution of 35mm film?

There is a lot of talk about 6k resolution from the Epic Dragon by RED, and of course there are 4k TVs now, but I'm wondering what actual film, 35mm particularly has a resolution equivalency of, if it ...
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Quality difference between HD video and 35mm film

I have noticed lately some of the older movies like Titanic being sold on Blu-rays in high definition (HD). As I understand, high definition implies high level of detail, yet I do not understand what ...
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How can digital projectors play 35mm movies?

Here I saw a question with a user claiming that so many movies are still shot with 35MM analog film. Now if projectors at theaters became digital then how can digital projectors play these 35mm ...
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How are movies shot on film cut and edited nowadays?

Many movies are still shot on films. At the same time, computers can greatly facilitate editing. So I just wonder how the whole process is done. Is film digitized and edited on computers or is it ...
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Why is classic IMAX not digital?

These days everything is digital. I came to know that, real 70MM IMAX i.e (not LieIMAX) are shown using film stock instead of digital once. What's keeping them from producing the format in digital ...
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Can analog outperform digital? [closed]

What is the physical limits of analog film? I understand that a film projector has way more moving parts compared to a digital projector and cost more, but can a digital projector out project a ...
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