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How is Cooper's age justified?

In Interstellar the course of events to my knowledge is the following: The time taken to travel from Earth to the wormhole is 2yrs (Aggregate = 2). After that we don't know how much time passed on ...
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Crossing your own timeline, changing the future - how does that work?

There are many movies and TV episodes in which a character "crosses his own timeline", sometimes even meeting his past or future self (e.g. The Day of the Doctor). Technically, I should say meeting ...
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Was Interstellar an infinite loop?

As we can see in the movie that Cooper brought themselves in the Tesseract and sent NASA coordinates etc. But when the bulk beings close the Tesseract, we saw him floating and redirecting back to the ...
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How come the events of Terminator didn't change the future, but the events of Terminator 2 did?

The 1984 events in the original Terminator don't change the future - rather, the events are consistent with a single "version" of 2029, the 2029 seen in the film. This is evidenced by the fact that ...
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What if the coordinates of NASA were not sent?

I haven't seen this answered yet so here goes...In Interstellar, what if Cooper never sent the coordinates to himself? When he's in the tesseract, he surely remembers receiving the coordinates of NASA....
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Who are "they" in Interstellar?

In Interstellar, NASA scientists keep saying "they" in most of their conversation with Cooper. Does "they" refer to some alien or supernatural race?
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Why is the “STAY” message sent in Interstellar?

In the movie Interstellar, why does Cooper send the “STAY” message? When Cooper winds up in the tesseract (event Z), there are two related events that are in his past that he knows about: the ...
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How is possible in Interstellar to receive the coordinates in the falling sand from the future?

How is this possible? If Cooper didn't receive the coordinates he would never go to NASA and he would't have been on the mission. Then would be no one to send the coordinates back in time. Am I ...
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How does Cooper join the expedition for the first time? [duplicate]

In Interstellar, Cooper is able to communicate with his daughter once he enters the Black hole and he is revealed to be the ghost sending messages. This seems to be a paradoxical situation as he ...
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Who is the future "us" that Cooper mentioned while he was in the black hole? [duplicate]

While Cooper was in the black hole at the end of Interstellar, TARS mentioned that the walls (which is a 3D space in 5D) were up put by "them" (some other higher form of being) and Cooper replied that ...
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Is there a paradox lurking in Interstellar? [duplicate]

When Cooper (the daughter) worked out the equations which allegedly assured the survival of the human race on Earth, she threw her notes from the balcony in the space center: "EUREKA!" Now, ...
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