The special weapon of Arya in Game of Thrones season 8 was not so special, I think it was the same as an Unsullied's spear. So what was the point of that special weapon?

The weapon didn't do anything special in S8 E3. I want to know why the writers focused on it in previous episodes. I'm not looking for technical info about that weapon.

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    The premise of this question is incorrect, since the weapon was used by Arya.
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The weapon is used as intended. It was a detachable spear, with dragonglass edge on both sides.

When she's on the ramp, between two towers, she uses it as a spear like the Unsullied.

When she moves towards one of the towers & sees wights coming, she detaches the spear & it now becomes a dagger, one in each hand, which she uses to kill Wights.

She designed it to be detachable because the spear would be useless when moving through towers or close alleys & work only in wide open spaces.

It would be a handicap, so the spear was detachable into 2 daggers.


Q: Why did the writers focus on Arya's weapon?

A: To build character.

The weapon was not intended to be a "save-the-day god-killer." The weapon was a way to show Gendry how much she had changed over the years, and to give her a reason to visit him at the forge other than chit chat. It was also a way to show the audience she's more than an assassin.

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