After having watched The invisible Guest which really amazed me since I am a mystery and mind-bending fan, I wanted to watch more from the director Oriol Paulo. So I just finished watching The Body. The truth is that I didn't expect the ending which was a big twist.

If I get it right, protagonist (Alex Ulloa) tried to poison his wife in order to live a happy life with his lover Carla. However, it turned out that Carla's real name was Eva and all this time she was working with her dad (Jaime Peña), who is a detective, in order to take revenge on Alex and his wife, who were responsible for the death of Jaime's wife (and Eva's mother) ten years ago. So they made Alex poison his wife and then poisoned him too.

So, Mayka (Alex's wife) was never going to capture Alex and the only reason she hired a detective was to find out if her husband was cheating on her. Is that right?

What I don't get is how Eva (= Carla) pretended to be in love with Alex for such a long time (8 months or more if I am not mistaken). She seemed to be really in love with him and she also looked very upset in her last conversation with him when she dropped her phone. How was she able to pretend for so long in such a good way that she made him fall in love with her? Isn't that weird since from the very first moment the only thing she and her father wanted was to take revenge?


I think the detective job was as you mentioned. And about the whole pretending thing... I mean, that’s the guy who’s responsible for her mother’s death. I think she could fake her love for a couple of months if it meant she could have her revenge. Her being too emotionally affected I think is kinda plot-holly but in their last call I guess she cried because she wasn’t totally on board with killing him (I guess it’s mentioned by the father).

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