Avengers: Endgame, unlike other movies in the MCU, doesn't have a post credit scene.

During my first watch, I heard a distinct metal clinking sound at the end of the credits. I thought it was coming from outside the theater as the exit doors were already open. But, on my second watch, I heard the same sound at the same moment.

What's that sound and what's its significance?

  • I realize the official answer is that it is Tony building his first suit but I like to think it's Morgan in garage building a new one. Commented May 30, 2019 at 1:23

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Paulie_D answered it pretty well but here are the official wordings:

From bgr Russos said:

Q: There were some metal smashing sound when the movie ended. Was that an easter egg? or just a tribute to Iron Man, or maybe an implication that Iron Man will return?

A: It was our way to say goodbye to him.

Also from usatoday:

There is a little something extra, though, as the final "Endgame" credits roll and that familiar Marvel Studios logo pops up onscreen: In the background, you can hear the clanging of Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) building his first Iron Man armor in the original movie.

Anthony Russo calls it "an echo of the past" rather than a tease to someone else wearing the iconic supersuit at a later date.

"It's really just an homage, sort of a little bookend," Joe Russo says. "It started it and it ends it."


From this question & answer at Science Fiction & Fantasy

What’s with the clanks at the end of the credits in Avengers: Endgame?

According to Vanity Fair Disney have confirmed....

There is no traditional Marvel end-of-credits scene or teaser in Avengers: Endgame—but there is a little treat for patient fans who sat through the movie’s very, very, very, long credits sequence. Listen closely, and you’ll hear some clanging. Does it sound familiar? Disney has confirmed that the sound you hear is Tony Stark building his first makeshift Iron Man suit, in the M.C.U. movie that started it all.


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