Tony calls his daughter Maguna a couple of times in the movie. (Or at least uses that word around her. I don't know if that's just a nickname or has a deeper context. Any search on Google yields no proper results regarding "Maguna" in relation to the MCU.)

He also calls her by her full name, Morgan H. Stark. Searching for the name in the comics, I came across this. Apparently, Morgan is a different person there, an evil cousin of Tony's. I haven't read any comics so I don't know much about the characters there.

There was also a line in Avengers: Infinity War where Tony says to Pepper that he wants to name their future child by the name Morgan and that's exactly what they did so where does Maguna come in?

I'm unable to find the Endgame script or images of the scenes where Maguna is mentioned, apologies.

Edit: I know most think it's just a nickname Tony addresses his daughter by and I quite agree but it seems unusual with an interesting story to it, which wasn't mentioned in the movie. I was hoping someone who has good knowledge of the comics side of things might have come across it. If this indeed is the first mention of Maguna in the movie and comic universes, I'm ready to accept the answer mentioning it's a nickname.

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    Perhaps it's nothing more than a cute nickname for his dauther. – Ghos3t Apr 28 '19 at 17:31
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    Yep, just watched it for the second time. You're definitely right that it's "Maguna" – Daeron Apr 28 '19 at 23:01
  • Maguna is how a child might speak the name Morgan(a) before it can speak properly, so that might be the simple origin. – Morfildur Oct 26 '19 at 20:06

Actually he calls her Maguna twice-once outside when trying to find her by the tent, and again when he tells her the “horrible story”...”Open upon a time Maguna went to bed...the end”.

It seems like a pet name given to her, much the same way many fathers have pet names for their daughters. It also could’ve been how Morgan pronounced her name when she was first learning to talk-unfortunately we never got to see that darling child during her toddler years.

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This is just a nickname of Morgan for Tony Stark.

There is nothing else significance to this name. Tony was playing with her that's when he calls her Maguna. So, we can assume it's just a cute nickname.

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    Yes like Hope's mother calling her Jelly bean and Scott Lang calling his daughter peanut. No significance just a nick name... – Jared Apr 29 '19 at 20:29
  • @Jared That could be completely true but it sounded like a highly unusual name (Is Maguna a common nickname in the West? Jellybean and peanut don't seem that uncommon.) and seemed to have some history behind it though it wasn't mentioned anywhere in the movie. I was hoping people who have read the comics might have come across it. – Matte May 1 '19 at 14:04
  • @A J Have you checked out the comics as well? Is there no mention of Maguna there? – Matte May 1 '19 at 14:15
  • @Matte In the comics, Tony Stark does not have any children nor is any "Maguna" ever mentioned. Source: I've read a lot of the comics, including the first four books of volume 5 (Marvel NOW!) of Iron Man. – Raj Aug 5 '19 at 13:58

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