In the slasher movie Halloween (2018), a vehicle carrying mentally disabled people including Michael Meyers flipped over the side of the road. They all ended up scattered all over the road. After the incident, Sheriff Barker showed a package to Hawkins:

Sheriff Barker: It's a hospital gown.

Hawkins: State-issued.

Sheriff Barker: Get on the phone to Smith's Grove. Confirm the match.

Hawkins: You know I was there that night. You know. I was there.

What "night" is Hawkins referring to?


Hawkins is referring to the night of the very first Halloween film, in which Michael Myers first went on the rampage. According to TV Tropes:

[Hawkins] was the first deputy on the scene after Loomis shot Michael off the balcony in the original [film], and stopped the doctor finishing Michael off. Now that Michael's come home and the bodycount is rising, he's come to view this as a mistake and is willing to finish Michael off by any means necessary.

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