In the slasher movie Halloween (2018), a vehicle carrying mentally disabled people including Michael Meyers flipped over the side of the road. They all ended up scattered all over the road. After the incident, Sheriff Barker showed a package to Hawkins:

Sheriff Barker: It's a hospital gown.

Hawkins: State-issued.

Sheriff Barker: Get on the phone to Smith's Grove. Confirm the match.

Hawkins: You know I was there that night. You know. I was there.

What "night" is Hawkins referring to?

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Hawkins is referring to the night of the very first Halloween film, in which Michael Myers first went on the rampage. According to TV Tropes:

[Hawkins] was the first deputy on the scene after Loomis shot Michael off the balcony in the original [film], and stopped the doctor finishing Michael off. Now that Michael's come home and the bodycount is rising, he's come to view this as a mistake and is willing to finish Michael off by any means necessary.

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