Outlander (Season 1 Episode 1) features a scene where Claire and Frank Randall arrive in Scotland and notice "sacrificial blood" in doorways.

Frank explains the blood and the Pagan origins, but I am wondering if there is any significance in the markings which seem to me to be

J7 GL 4 BD77

above the door in this screenshot? I would imagine there would be, or why else would they pause on this particular door?

Outlander Screenshot


I posted this question into an Outlander fan page on Facebook and an answer which was given was that the scene was filmed in Fife, where there is a tradition of "marriage lintels" recording the initials of the couple who lived there first and the date.

This one is more likely to be 17 GL (4?) BD 77 - that is, the home of GL and BD with the date 1777. That "J" shape is not uncommon for "1".

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