At the start of Spider-man: Into the Spider-Verse the logo for the Comics Code Authority is shown. Reading their wiki page, it seems like they have been defunct for a decade. So why is it shown now? Does it actually have any meaning?

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The CCA logo was on almost all the comics so probably it's just a wink to the older viewers of the movie who will recognize the logo almost immediately. However, there is a more obscure reference:

The authority banned horror and monster books, keeping those characters out of the Marvel universe for quite awhile. They also banned depictions of drug use and gore. This eventually came to a head in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man Nos. 96 and 97, when Stan Lee chose to depict Harry Osborn taking LSD as an anti-drug statement. The CCA refused to give him approval so he just printed the comics without their stamp anyway, in a move that struck a blow large enough that the authority was essentially rendered largely without authority.

Comics Code Authority easter egg on Hollywood Reporter

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