In Layer Cake, I understand that we, the audience, do not know XXXX's real name (and it doesn't seem like we could know it, via hints in the movie, etc.).

However, XXXX does have a name that the characters know, correct? I ask because when XXXX and his crew are first meeting with Trevor and Shanks, they mention that the Duke "used his name." (I suppose they could be referring to Morty, but it seems implied they are referring to XXXX).

Also, Dragan says: "Mr. Duke came to Amsterdam, used your name..." when talking to XXXX on the phone.

So at the risk of asking the obvious - it's not that XXXX does not have a name, or that nobody he works with even knows it, it is just that the audience doesn't know it, correct? (Meaning the movie is breaking the Fourth Wall?)

Or perhaps is the whole thing nobody knows is real name, and he's using a fake one his entire criminal life?

Edit: To clarify, what do the other characters refer to XXXX as..."XXXX"? I am assuming that he does have a name ("John" or whatever), it's just we as the audience are just never clued in on it...but am asking this question here to confirm if my thinking is correct.

  • @BCdotWEB - While I understand that we, as the audience, don't know XXXX's name, I am asking if the characters in the movie know his name. For example, What name did Duke use in Amsterdam? We know he used some name...I doubt he said "I'm here representing XXXX..."? – BruceWayne Mar 18 '19 at 15:05

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