In Spielberg's classic Jaws there is a scene when Hooper and Brody find Ben (they'll wish their fathers had never met their mothers), Garndner's boat floating apparently abandoned. When Hooper goes to look at the hull and finds the shark tooth, Ben's head floats down scaring Hooper into dropping the tooth, however Ben is missing an eye. I don't know how Ben dies, be it drowning or whatever, but how does he manage to lose and eye?

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    Not entirely sure - but there are a lot of scavenger species in the ocean. Could be a crab or something ate the eye – HorusKol Mar 9 at 14:17
  • @HorusKol I get your point but the incident must have happened recent to the discovery of the boat (a few hours at most) and how could a crab get onto the boat? – Seamusthedog Mar 9 at 15:32

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