I'm pretty sure there's a lot more than nine Borgs, and probably quite a few that have groups of nine entities.

Is there any in-universe description of how Star Trek: Voyager's Seven of Nine gained her name, and how the naming system works for Borg entities?


That's not her full designation, it's a shorthand for her full "Borg Name" which is

"Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01."

Essentially that equates to at least "7-9-03-U01" which is more than adequate as a unique identifier.

I'd have to do additional research but it should be noted that these designations are subject to change.

I seem to recall there was at least one Borg who changed designation based on the number in his group.

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Okay, posting my own answer because I actually found new sources/info! So as Paulie_D mentioned, Seven's full designation (which you can also find on the Wikipedia page for her character) is "Seven of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix 01." If you go from beginning to end of the designation, you're going from most specific to most general description of her placement within the Borg collective.

In this case, "7 of 9" means that she's the seventh drone in her particular group/unit of 9 drones within the ship she's on, based on info from the fandom Wiki page on Borg drones. (And group sizes can vary — in The Next Generation episode "I, Borg," the drone nicknamed "Hugh" is "third of five" within his unit.) "Tertiary adjunct" tells you Seven's particular group's place within their unimatrix, which Memory Alpha defines as a "subdivision ... used to designate groups of Borg drones and regions of space."

Based on the information that we get from Voyager about Unimatrix 01, unimatrixes (unimatrices?) are the broadest/largest subdivisions of drones within the collective. They then get broken down into "adjuncts" and possibly even into smaller units within those adjuncts, hence how you get designations like "Seven of Nine" and "Third of Five" rather than "Seven of X billion and counting."

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    "adjunct" isn't even necessarily a breakdown, it could very well be a category. After all, an adjunct is by English definition an add-on supplement to something else. You can't have an "adjunct" without it being an adjunct to something. So, a "tertiary adjunct" is "an addition [to something else] of third tier importance or redundancy". Its entirely possible there are "secondary coprocessors", "primary executors", and who knows what else.
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