In the very last scene of Alita: Battle Angel, does Alita have a third body for the motorball match or is it only purple armour on her URM body?

If it's the first one, the body for motorball, does she have wheels in her arms?

alita motorball armour

Maybe it is a design based on the manga and someone knows the answers.

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    I just recently watched it and I thought the URM body is so evolved that it can adapt to her needs. When Ido first attaches her head to it, after the body he gave her got destroyed, it changes quite a bit to match her image of herself.
    – Thomas
    Sep 18, 2019 at 11:44

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In the manga GUNNM, the narrative arc where she plays motorball is distinct from the one where she gets the Berzerk (or URM) body. For personal reasons explained in the manga, she put the Berzerk body away and used a motorball dedicated body.

In the movie, it seems implied that with the support of Ido (and perhaps a bit of money) they crafted a Motorball dedicated body, distinct from the Berzerk body. While the Berzerk body is indeed powerful, they may have decided that it would be more efficient to craft a new body (and it would probably be easier to repair).

Take note that in the manga (even more than in the movie), cyborgs seems to change bodies very often (when they are destroyed or just want to adapt to a specific role).


It’s the Bezerker body modified. Ido had been working on modifications of rollerball gear that adapted with her body as he stated when he gave her new feet. She didn’t have another body. Adding different arms, hands is the obvious choice to make.


The extras on the Blu-ray confirms that it is a third body.

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    It'd be nice if you could edit in a transcript, a screenshot, or a timestamp of said extras, to back that up and improve your answer.
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During the course of Battle Angel Alita Alita wore several outfits. In her first cyborg body, this consisted of casual wear in the form of a shirt, track pants, and sneakers. After gaining the Berserker Body, she switched to attire more appropriate for a hunter-warrior that featured black leather in the form of fingerless gloves and a sleeveless shirt and pants. Combined with knee high brown boots and a light yellow trench coat, this is how she appears in the OVA, in which she is transplanted into the Berseker Body soon after being found instead of her first civilian one. In Gunnm: Martian Memory, the trench coat is omitted. Alita's motorball body is depicted as being purple, with the number 99 in yellow on the cover of Killing Angel, the Gunnm 3D special, and Gunnm: Martian Memory.

-this is according to Alita Wiki

So to your answer - yes this body, according to the Manga version is different, but in the movie I think it's just enhanced


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