Ok, so there were a lot of questions regarding Bruce's 'knightmare'/ visions and The Flash's message in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice most of which are answered here.

So, following the predictable resurrection of Superman in Justice League, I found the film's most impressive moment to be the reveal of Bruce and Alfred's 'Big Gun' - the use of Lois to snap Superman out of his post revival rage.

Is there any evidence to suggest that this was the future moment that Snyder's had in mind when planting the 'Lois Lane is the key... am I too early' message from The Flash in BvS, considering that he had not yet 'died' at that point, as despite Lois' involvement in the climax of the BvS showdown it was made unnecessarily clear that the whole 'Martha' thing was pivotal to snapping Bruce out of his bloodlust?

  • Didn't know about the "pop culture reference" name the dream was given. Today I learned, cheers :) – Jenayah Mar 2 at 12:11

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