Watching the Netflix original Kingdom, I notice that the English subtitles and dubs sometimes say vastly different things.

In one scene someone says out loud "compose yourself" but the subtitle says "how dare you."

Most of the time it's close enough, but once in a while they are completely different. From the sentence structure, it seems like the dubs are a more accurate translation, but I have no idea.

EDIT: Just to clarify in case someone doesn't know, but the actual spoken words by the actors is Korean. I am watching using the English dubs.

  • Are these official subtitles or ones from an unofficial source? Quite often the subtitles are targetted at specific languages to be more culturally appropriate. – Paulie_D Feb 20 at 11:59
  • @Paulie_D i'm watching this on netflix, so I have no idea. I would assume the official ones. – Aethenosity Feb 20 at 15:54
  • @Paulie_D the speaking is dubs though, so wouldn't they also be targetted? – Aethenosity Feb 20 at 17:51
  • 1
    The spoken language is Korean, not Chinese in the original. Your English dub would be English spoken language. Don't worry, even the Korean->English translation for subtitles is terrible. I recently watched a Korean movie in an English cinema and the subtitles were also terrible. I think it's a trend. – insidesin Feb 26 at 7:25
  • @insidesin Oh! Thank you! I'll edit that, I should have made sure before I posted – Aethenosity Feb 26 at 7:54

One possible reason for this might be that both the audio recording and the subtitles were using the same (or even different versions) of the script to be composed. But the actor/director decided to use different words in the take that was ultimately chosen.

This is just a guess. but given that some subtitles even include additional information such as ambient noises (e.g. "door slams", "radio playing"), it might be a possibility.

  • While possible, i'm not sure that is it. I work as an audio engineer, and the number of times I've had to bring talent back in just to change the inflection a tiny bit (yay for Ozone's inflection correction) leads me to believe they wouldn't let the artist say completely wrong words. These are dubs, so it's done in studio, so there isn't any of the filming concerns as far as multiple takes. Thank you for the answer though! – Aethenosity Feb 20 at 17:31

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