I'm looking for the pair of actors playing as a couple or romantically involved in the most unrelated movies.

For example, Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were romantically engaged in 3 separate movies: Crazy, Stupid, Love, then Gangster Squad and finally La La Land.

I'm looking for unrelated movies: Julie Walters and Mark Williams (Ms. and M. Weasley in Harry Potter) count for one, even though it was eight movies.

And I'm looking for couple or romance (even though the line might be hard to tell between romance and friendship in some movies). For example, Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have a count of three (Silver Lining Playbook, Serena and American Hustle), as they were not romantically engaged in Joy.

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Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers shared 10 films between them, being a couple in each one (you couldn't really have a male/female lead in those days without them being romantically involved)

1933 - Flying down to Rio.

1934 - The Gay Divorcee

1935 - Roberta

1935 - Top Hat

1936 - Follow the Fleet

1936 - Swing Time

1937 - Shall we Dance?

1938 - Carefree

1939 - The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle

1949 - The Barkleys of Broadway

There might be other couples with more films, but Fred and Ginger seemed the obvious and iconic pairing.

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