In The Godfather, When Sonny Corleone left the compound to go to his sister's house after Carlo beats her, how did he get that far ahead of the body guards to get shot in the booth? They were right on him. And, with all the shooting going oh why are there bullet shots at the top of the toll booth but non of the car tires flat albeit the body of the car was riddled with bullets?

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  • Added presumed work in question. Quiet Storm, please correct me if there is another Sony killed at another booth after his other sister is beaten in another movie. – James McLeod Feb 11 at 2:45
  • "how did he get that far ahead of the body guards?" Drove like a maniac? Bodyguards were held up? In any case, his bodyguards wouldn't have made a difference since the enemy had superior numbers and firepower and the advantage of this being a surprise attack. – BCdotWEB Feb 11 at 10:14

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