In Batman Returns, there's this ball scene, where Selina (Pfeiffer) and Wayne (Keaton) realise the true identities of their alter-egos' enemy.

Does a situation like this, or if we see this as a plot technique, have a specific name?

Are there more films with a similar scene, where some characters make an important discovery in a banter, with possible dramatic consequences?

+1 if the situation occurs between 2 characters with a potential love interest, which will remain unfulfilled due to the recent discovery.

To those voting to close this, I'm not looking for recommendations... I'm looking for factual cinematographic references. The existence, in a film, of such a scene is not a matter of taste, or recommendation. It's an observable fact.

PS: What tag should this question have? There's nothing for similar scenes, nor for Batman 1992.

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    As per your latest edit: if this isn't about recommendations, I think you should make it clearer that you're looking for whether this situation has a particular name, and, say, what was the first movie/TV show to use it. Once you have a name, you'd be free to look for other such scenes yourself; all this to try to help you rephrase the question into a firm, answerable non-recommendation. I can't guarantee anything, but I think what I proposed might make it eligible for reopening. Cheers :) – Jenayah Feb 8 at 23:20
  • I'm with @Jenayah. I think your question could work, if you would specify that you're looking to see if this a trope! (PS You could add a "trope" tag) – Darth Locke Feb 9 at 0:08

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