In the Maze Runner: Death Cure, it is known that Thomas and the rest of the Right Arm are planning a break in on WCKD City, to get Minho out. After this happens, there is a sequence of events that takes place including a flare being fired and the crane lifting the bus up and over WCKD's wall.

The same thing with the train carriage high jack, how do these series of events including the trap floor in front of George and Brenda when it opened up and dropped a few WCKD personnel inside, Brenda and George then high jacked the Berg thus aiding Thomas and the others get the carriage out of there.

The train carriage high jack is explanatory because they mentioned it took months to plan that.

But what about the Minho rescue? How did they plan that in such little time as they did? And how they always evaded WCKD from even inside the city? Someone explain this to me please?

Having trouble understanding

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