When a scene is set in a northern climate winter, how do actors wear winter clothing in LA during simulated snow scenes?

An example is "The Office" in the parking lot.

They don't appear like they're sweating. I couldn't imagine wearing an winter coat, scarf, etc with the temperature in the 80s. Do they have outdoor ACs running?


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It's usually mitigated by keeping their exposure time down as far as possible - they can do the blocking and rehearsal in lighter clothing and use stand-ins wherever possible, then the principals go wait somewhere without their top-coats etc in a cooled location until the scene is completely ready to go.

If they're lucky, that cooled location is an air-conditioned building or trailer. If not, it's an umbrella or just somewhere in the shade. It wouldn't be too much to imagine they could rig an EZ-Up or equivalent, which are ubiquitous on any set; with a portable aircon unit.

The thing about making film/TV is it's nowhere near as glamorous as it looks. Sometimes people do just have to tough it out. Wearing winter clothing when it's 32° in the shade is just one of those times.

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Here is a link to a somewhat similar question.

Actors Overly Dressed For Weather in 40-60s movies1

Part of the answers to both questions is that actors often have to be uncomfortable during filming for the sake of making a good movie or episode, just as members of many other professions and occupations often have to be physically uncomfortable on the job.

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