I find it significant that they did not show Chris stuffing his ears with cotton (to stop from being hypnotized) during the end of Get Out because, given his situation, it was impossible. Can someone explain how this this was achieved?

  • I just know that he was pulling cotton out of the arm of the chair. That's where the cotton came from. But I think you're saying that the way he was tied up, he couldn't have reached up to his ears with his hands...? – BrettFromLA Jan 27 at 15:09
  • That's right. It's a problem – GeminiJones Jan 28 at 1:21

If the mountain will not come to the prophet, then the prophet must go to the mountain.

He does not need to move his arm up to put the cotton in his ear, because he can simply put his head down to his hands. It is clearly visible that his upper body is not constraint.

  • I see, you are right. Thanks Best Guess. – GeminiJones Jan 28 at 21:19

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