In Men in Black II, Johnny Knoxville's character Scrad, the two-headed alien henchman for Seelena leads a bunch of aline thugs to Jeebs' basement where Agent K has just been deneuralized.

In the ensuing fight he disappears, never to be seen again in the film which is strange considering he played a significant role in the story.

What happened? Victim of the cutting room?

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    Simply no answer. Only speculations are possible. – Mistu4u Jan 24 '13 at 19:33

It could be so that because Charlie felt sick they quit working for Serleena or uncut scene Kay killed them. (meninblack.wikia.com)

Another explanation can be-

The worms tell J that some guy with 2 heads kidnapped Laura, so obviously it was Johnny Knoxville's character. He probably waited for further orders from Serleena after completing this task, but they never came.(source)

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