I know this is not the most important question that you should have after watching the film Unsane (2018) but I just can't get it off my head.

At the ending of the film you see Sawyer eating salad with her co-worker Jill. Then out of nowhere she says it's time of her to move on and clear out her desk.

Did she really fire her? Or was she just joking?

The movie is so dark in tone, I just can't it make out.


Yes, she fired her:

The final scene of Unsane cuts to six months later, when the now-freed Sawyer is having a chilly lunch with her co-worker, Jill (Sarah Stiles). Sawyer has since received a big promotion, and uses her newfound power to fire Jill over their salads.

  • Why did she fire her? Was it because she did not like her? – ng.newbie Jan 21 '19 at 16:33

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