In the movie Bohemian Rhapsody actor Rami Malek is portraying Freddie Mercury, brilliantly, if I may add. Rami and the crew put a lot of effort to make him look and act like Freddie. He had singing lessons, piano lessons. He wore prosthetic teeth, had choreographers and movement specialists working with him.
All this work, and still they didn't bother altering Rami's eyes that are blue to brown. This feels very odd to me, especially that it is very simple to change eye color with lenses. I believe they could also alter the eye color digitally if Rami had some eye sensitivity issues.
The movie is great, don't get me wrong, it's just that this is something that stands out quite a lot, and I am curious about why they decided not to do anything about it?

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    This question seems to fit the definition of a subjective question as you're effectively asking about something that you care about but the makers of the movie apparently did not. "Why didn't the film's makers do this thing I think they could've done?" most commonly acts as a guise for "Do you like my idea?" questions. – Flater Mar 4 at 7:53
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    @Flater Not necessarily. The question may have been addressed by the movie makers. "The makers of the movie didn't care about it" is a valid answer (if it's true). Or maybe Rami can't stand wearing contact lenses / touching his eyeballs or something. There are a number of possible answers other than a discussion of the merits of GileBrt's idea. – colmde Mar 4 at 8:45
  • @colmde: OP already accounted for Rami not being able to wear lenses. OP's question includes why they didn't digitally alter it. – Flater Mar 4 at 8:46
  • The teeth were the most striking feature in Fred's face; the eyes not so much. I don't believe it would be a completely different movie if his eyes had the correct color. – Luciano Mar 4 at 9:24
  • @Flater My question is not "Why do you think this happened?". There is nothing subjective regarding this question, nor the answer should be subjective. I am asking for a concrete reason why the eye color wasn't altered. Also, the absence of an answer at this moment, does not imply that the makers of the movie didn't care about it. – GileBrt Mar 4 at 22:38

This could be due to the fact, that eyes are very imporant in an actor. They are a tool an actor uses a lot to convey emotions.

If the director decided to give him contact lenses, Rami would look fake with dead eyes with pupils which do not dilate. Using CGI would also destroy the natural look of the eyes and instead of giving good emotions, they would give creepy emotions.

Another factor is, that this is just a movie, not a documentary. Things do not have to be real, creative freedom is what directors use to make the move in the artistic way they want. Things should be good for the movie, not for historical accuracy.

  • Do coloured contact lenses actually have pupils on them? That seems unlikely to me, but I've never used them. – Anthony Grist Jul 24 at 14:16
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    @AnthonyGrist I wear colored lenses daily; no one realizes this until I point it out to them. They absolutely don't have pupils on them, or I wouldn't be able to see; it's a pattern of tiny colored dots that don't interfere with my vision, and that lessen toward the center of the lens. – Allison C Jul 24 at 16:07

I wondered the very same thing and the only thing l can come up with and this still doesn't make sense because with today's technology, you can do anything but, l think it was a mistake and someone didn't do their job and think of eye color until they were half done with the movie, that's all l can think of.

  • With so much attention to detail in this movie, I really doubt no one would've thought of his eye color. – Luciano Mar 4 at 9:19

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