At the end of Meet Joe Black, after Joe leads Mr. Parrish into oblivion, the younger, human Joe comes back over the bridge towards Susan. She was at once looking for her father but now her fancy is taken by human Joe. She is swept by the moment, and it seems she is no longer concerned for her father's whereabouts.

But aren't there larger issues here? She won't be caught up in Joe's newly returned human charm forever. Eventually she is going to want to find her father. Can we assume that the corpse is over the bridge?

Is there some reconciliation of how his death is handled beyond the end of the movie? I'm wondering if anything has been mentioned by the creators of this film.

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    If we take how wikipedia describes the events, then it is inferred that Susan kind of understood what was going on, and knew she got the man in the coffee shop back. As for everything else, I couldn't find any evidence coming from the EPs or writers about how they imagine it went on (because sometimes there is info, such as Ronald Moore commenting on post BSG events years after the series ended), In this case though, I agree with others that it would generate opinionated answers with nothing much but our imaginations to back it up. – Darth Locke Jan 9 at 14:41
  • Thanks @DarthLocke. That's what I was looking for. – Jason P Sallinger Jan 9 at 14:45

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