In the film Hannibal, Anthony Hopkins once again reprises his role as charmingly sinister cannibalistic serial killer, Hannibal Lecter.

Unlike the other films, due to Hannibal being on the loose, there are more scenes like using the machinery on the stairs to get Dective Pazzi to the top of the building, Hannibal saving Clarice from Mason Verger's flesh-eating pigs, or even using an electric saw to open Paul Krendler's scalp that seem like they may have taken some skill or additional time to learn.

Did Sir Anthony Hopkins have to prepare for this role? And if, so how did he?

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    In-universe, Hannibal's extremely intelligent, and those stair trucks seem relatively easy to use (safetyliftingear.com/File/Download/3210). Out of universe, Anthony would presumably have been shown how to use the equipment by the props department? I'll try and find a source though.. – Longshanks Aug 9 at 12:06

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