In Annabelle: Creation, when Sister Charlotte was unpacking her suitcase in the beginning why was there a baby blanket?

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Charlotte had a baby blanket in her suitcase because she had a baby who she gave up for adoption. She cherished this baby blanket as a keepsake. They eliminated it from the film.


Yeah about the pacing, we shot too much script. The first cut of the film was over 2 hours. I cut out as much as possible, like this whole backstory about Charlotte having a kid who she gave up for adoption that later died and comes back to haunt her (there's still a shot in the film of Charlotte looking at a baby blanket). Also once Janice got possessed she hung around the house for a few days which felt wrong. Once she's possessed you want to get moving.

I prefer movies that are closer to 90 min but didn't feel like I could take that much more out of this film without hurting things in some ways.

Annabelle Creation Extended scene (Sister Charlottes son)

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