Recently saw the Uri: The Surgical Strike trailer starring Vicky Kaushal.

I recognize some badges worn by him. Namely the paratrooper badge and special forces badge. But he is wearing many badges.

Vicky Kaushal in URI.

How realistic is this depiction ?

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    I would like to refer you to the story of Audie Murphy. He was a US infantryman in WWII who over the course of his life earned 24 different unique medals, awards, and honors from three different countries, not counting multiples of the same award. He's a rather extreme case, but does show that such levels of decoration are indeed realistically possible. Wikipedia has a rather good picture of him in full dress uniform on the page about him if you want to see what that many awards looks like. Dec 7, 2018 at 15:29

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The following is my breakdown of the badges worn by Vicky Kaushal:

Breakdown of badges.

Service Ribbons

In the movie, Vicky Kaushal's character is a Major in the Para Special Forces of the Indian army.

An officer takes 9-10 years to go from Lieutenant to Major. And Special Forces is the front line force for dealing with counter-insurgency. They are kept at an optimal efficiency level to deal with such events anytime.

Hence they undergo a lot of training as compared to other branches of the army, which explains the number of badges earned.

Meet the late Major Mohit Sharma. You can see the number of badges he earned.

SSBCrack.com decodes all these badges perfectly.

So yes, the depiction is very realistic.


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