In Harry Potter and the Death Hallows (Part 2), when Harry, Hermione and Ron set off to Hogsmeade to find Aberforth - how can it be that there is snow clearly visible through the village but there is no snow visible at Hogwarts, despite them being within walking distance of each other?

  • Pretty sure the journey to Hogsmeade from Hogwarts is actually a lot farther written in the book than is portrayed in the movies. [citation needed] of course.
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From the Harry Potter Wiki:

According to [the book] Harry Potter Film Wizardry, the set designers made the decision that Hogsmeade is "permanently above the snow line".

Here you can find a map of Hogwarts / Hogsmeade.


This is a 'cleaned up' version of a quick sketch JK Rowling did herself.

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