In Avengers: Infinity War Heimdall sends Hulk to earth. Hulk was beaten badly by Thanos. And I don't think Heimdall didn't know Hulk much. Why didn't he save Thor by sending him to Earth?

He is Heimdall's rightful king and an Asgardian. So why didn't he save Thor instead of Hulk?


Because that was an easy choice, Ebony Maw captured Thor already:

enter image description here

and Thanos was also looking at Thor too and Heimdall didn't have multiple chances, as he said:

Allfathers...let the dark magic flow through me one last...time.
- Source

So he picked the easy option of Hulk as he was not captured in metal scrap and was lying on the floor nearer to him than Thor:

enter image description here

  • Adding something here, Bruce Banner is one of smartest dudes in the MCU, maybe Heimdall thought he would be much better to explain the coming threat to his fellow Avengers, Heimdall may've been known that Banner is trusted by all Avengers, and wasn't part of Civil War, so he's good with everybody. And since he's a smart guy, he may help to create better battle plan for coming threat (that one is a stretch, since Thor have better battle experiences than both Banner+Hulk and better understanding on aliens) – Vishwa Nov 28 '18 at 4:03
  • @Ankit Sharma Why did Heimdell say dark magic? – iamgroot Nov 28 '18 at 6:14
  • 1
    @AsifIqubal that's what they used to send Thor in Avengers too movies.stackexchange.com/a/93873/1190 – Ankit Sharma Nov 28 '18 at 6:17
  • @Vishwa no need to think that much, chill – master ArSuKa Nov 28 '18 at 12:13
  • 2
    @masterArSuKa That's the way I'm programmed with ;) – Vishwa Nov 29 '18 at 3:31

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