In Walt Disney's 1953 animated adaptation of Peter Pan viewers are introduced to some young mermaids all being found of Peter, but a bit jealous of Wendy.

In 1989 Disney also adapted Hans Christensen's The Little Mermaid into an animated feature.

Although the coloring technology is much more vibrant in The Little Mermaid, considering it was made 30-some years later and that Peter Pan mermaids seem younger, there still seems to be a lot of similarity in the way both sets of mermaids are drawn/move, especially the red head in Peter Pan contrasted with Ariel.

mermaid Disney

I realize that these are both works from Disney and perhaps there isn't much they could do differently, because they may be trying to preserve a certain kind of stylization in their animated classics, but

I was wondering if this was more than coincidence and if The Little Mermaid animators and producers looked back to Peter Pan for inspiration?

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