Byomkesh Bakshi is a detective like Sherlock Holmes. Both have many similarities. Based on him was the TV show Byomkesh Bakshi which ran from 1993-1997 on Indian channel DD National spanning 34 episodes in two seasons.

Byomkesh is mostly calm in many stories. According to IMDb:

An intelligent detective from Kolkata solves many mystery that unsolved by police without any weapons.

But has he ever used a weapon or at least kicked or punched someone throughout the series?

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I have started (29 Nov 2018) to watch some of the episodes in random order.

In season 2 ep 18, Byomkesh tackles and captures culprit he is attacked from back.

In season 2 ep 20, Byomkesh intercepts culprit red-handed and hits him with a torch in his hand.

It's not active fighting like Sherlock Holmes but it is some amount of violence Byomkesh indulges in, suggesting that he does not back off from a fight.

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