In Sherlock Holmes (2009), Lord Blackwood dies through a set of circumstances that cause him to be hanged via chain.

My question is this - was it merely coincidence that he ended up in the wrong place and the wrong time for the chain of events to kill him? Or did Holmes know it was going to happen that way it did? It seems a little too convenient to me, so I can't help but wonder if Holmes knew the crane would collapse as it did, setting off the chain of events. (Whether or not he knew if would kill Blackwood).

  • From Lord Blackwood's point of view the set of circumstances that caused him to be hanged was a very malicious one. And there is a famous saying "never attribute to malice what can be accounted for by stupidity". So maybe Lord Blackwood suffered from from chance circumstances, since nothing is more stupid and less intelligent than unplanned chance circunstances. – M. A. Golding Nov 25 at 16:43

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