There are a large number of adaptations of Robin Hood, with (I think) at least 40 being films. Speaking of full-length feature films only (no TV, shorts, etc), is the Robin Hood myth the most adapted story in history, or is there one with more?

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    Possible duplicate of: What is the most remade movie story?
    – Napoleon Wilson
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  • @NapoleonWilson That's remakes not adaptations. Commented Nov 22, 2018 at 17:15
  • Seems to amount to pretty much the same thing, though.
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    @NapoleonWilson If you think they are the same thing, then you should not have different tags for each one. I don't think they are the same thing because one presumes a predecessor movie, but the other is something based on a book or myth, not another movie. Robin Hood is not a remake, it is an adaptation because it based on a pre-modern legend, not a movie. Commented Nov 22, 2018 at 17:36
  • Sherlock Holmes may be one more than Robin Hood, and stories from Bible may have a place for this I think.(based on Jesus/Christ). A Christmas Carol is another one but I thnk its twenty something
    – Vishwa
    Commented Nov 23, 2018 at 4:58

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Here is a link to Wikipedia's list of movies and TV shows featuring Robin Hood.

I think that there are fewer than 50 theatrical movies on the list.

I have often read that Sherlock Holmes is the most often filmed character.

It has been estimated that Sherlock Holmes is the most prolific screen character in the history of cinema.


Redmond, Christopher (1993). A Sherlock Holmes Handbook. Toronto: Dundern Press. p. 164. ISBN 978-1-55488-446-9.


Sherlock Holmes is the most portrayed literary character in stage, film, and television history, having appeared on stage and screen 254 times as of 2012.


I think that the list lists 77 Sherlock Holmes theatrical movies.

So I am inclined to believe that there are more Sherlock Holmes theatrical movies than Robin Hood theatrical movies.

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