Every time I watch Avengers: Infinity War, I can't figure out how Spider-man is able to swing in an open area. Is it a mistake in the movie? Please watch the Ebony-Cull invasion scene following:

Let me support this using pics:

enter image description here

Here, he uses SOME support after jumping ahead of the bridge, note that the nearest trees/buildings are quite away and he is swinging away from the bridge, so the web is not on the bridge railing.

enter image description here

Here the web support's height is far more than any tree possible in the surroundings, the web seems to have no logical support.

enter image description here enter image description here

Notice there are trees in the corners of the road only, too small trees compared to the very long length of the web(s).

I see that his webs have no logical support whatsoever.

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In most cases..

Off-screen tall buildings

Or buildings on-screen that we would consider "out of range"...

Spider-man's webshooters apparently have incredibly range and he can hit tall buildings from a considerable distance to form "anchor" points for his swinging webs.

Recall also that Spider-man is incredibly strong and can make much more use of what would seem to be only a short amount of web to get a flying start.

Unfortunately. the webs themselves don't lend themselves to showing up easily in a movie such as this given their thin nature and the speed of the action.

In addition, in some of those shots, particularly when swinging away from the bridge... he's not attached. He's in mid-air.

He's using the momentum from the previous "swing" to leap towards his next target and will re-connect as he descends on his trajectory.


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