At the end of the film Avengers: Infinity War, we see Thanos use the all of the infinity stones, including the stone of time. My question is does the stone of time erase the characters' memories?

It seems like it does, because Time Stone affects the whole person.


"Does Time Stone affect on person's memory or not?"

It's likely that the entity directly affected (such as the Vision) would have no memory of highly localised time reversal affecting them. Recall that in Infinity War, the reversal is limited to just the Vision.

However, there are indications that certain individuals can remember what has happened to them but these tend to be magic related individuals.

In Doctor Strange during the battle in Hong Kong we see Strange reverse time and Wong is found impaled on a pipe.

As time is reversed he is lifted off the pipe (a reversal of being thrown on to it) and talks to Strange. Strange then magically allows him to move forward in time with him and Mordo while elsewhere time still runs backwards.

As Wong does so he looks back at the pipe as though he realises what has happened to him.

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