Are there any shots in the office’s ‘traditional’ interviews i.e. when they are in the office space doing an interview, which demonstrates how close the camera is to the interviewee-?-


In episode double date S6E9, at roughly 14:35 there cuts to an interview with Dwight.

It begins like an ordinary interview in the normal frame position. During the interview, Dwight dramatically leaps his hand to the floor to demonstrate the height of a newly grown mushroom. During this stunt, the camera zooms quite far out to reveal its actual location of the camera - way across the ‘room’.

While this is certainly not concrete proof of the camera location on a consistent basis — as the camera could have been pre-staged to enable the capture of this particular shot — it is does resemble the way all other interviews are presented on screen. And thus is something to go off of.

  • Answer until proven guilty – Dr. Shmuel Nov 9 '18 at 0:59

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