After having watched Halloween (2018) last night, my mates and I argued about the cause of the bus crash.

Somewhere during the movie, someone claims that Myers overpowered the guard and the driver and caused the crash. However, as we later find out, the doctor is fascinated with Myers and wants to observe him on the loose. That got us wondering about whether it had been the doctor that had causes the crash (as Myers was cuffed, and it seems like a big coincidence that the doctor wanted to go on the bus while still wanting to release Myers).

Thing is, we don't remember exactly who said it had been Myers that crashed the bus (was it the Doctor?). On the other hand, the bus guard doesn't mention the doctor, only Myers escaping. And the doctor claims

So that's how it feels.

when he stabs another police officer, as if it is the first time he kills someone.

So, is it ambiguous or can we deduce a likely culprit for the bus crash?


According to this article, the doctor was the one who said that Myers crashed the bus (I couldn't remember either). So it's up to you to decide if the doctor at least assisted him or if Myers did it all by himself to the (fairly short-lived) surprise and delight of the doctor. Both scenarios are believable. If you're not convinced that this was just a happy/fatal coincidence for the doctor, you could hypothesise that he was going to try and spring Myers at another point but was not expecting Myers to cause the bus crash of his own volition.

Michael’s first kills come when he’s being transported by bus to a new prison. The bus driver doesn’t die onscreen, and his body isn’t showcased like so many of the other corpses. But we do learn from Dr. Sartain that Michael overpowered the bus guard and the bus driver, causing the fatal crash that set him free. It’s safe to assume the driver either died in the crash or was murdered shortly thereafter. The same goes for the bus guard, who at least tries to warn Michael's next victims before he dies.

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