Myers escapes from prison and drives away. Later in the movie, his Doctor has this conversation

WYNN: Sam, Haddonfield is a hundred and fifty miles from here. How could he get there, he can't drive?

LOOMIS: He was doing all right last night. Maybe somebody around here gave him lessons.

But who? Is there any logical explanation for him to know how to drive? Or can we just attribute it to his supernatural-ish presence?


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There is no other in-universe explanation other than the one given. It's possible that one of the doctors, in an effort to spur learning and behavior, offered driving lessons as rewards for Myers. Driving really isn't rocket science, even if that wasn't the case, I'm sure he was able to figure it out pretty quickly on his own.

But, in terms of "Who gave him lessons and how did he learn?", there is no canonical answer to that question outside Loomis' statement.

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