In the Negotiation episode of The Office, Roy tries to attack Jim and Dwight intervenes in the fight and stops it using pepper spray.

Meanwhile in Vandalism episode Frank tries to attack Pam, and Brian the boom mike guy saves her. Why didn't Brian try to stop Roy even though he has been filming them for 9 years?

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    A fight between two men is quite different from a man atatcking a woman! – Paulie_D Oct 10 at 16:19
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There are a number of possible reasons.

  1. The Jim/Roy fight was between two men while the attack against Pam was a man attacking a woman.
  2. Dwight was already quick to intervene in the Jim/Roy fight, in fact there is quite a bit of emphasis on Dwight's quick acting heroism.
  3. Its possible the boom mic guy didn't even work on the set for the first fight as it happened years earlier.
  4. As evidenced at the end of the series, the crew was quite emotionally invested in the characters by the end of the show but were probably not as invested in Season 3.
  • Additionally, the Jim vs Roy fight was conflict between two "main" characters, and thus would make for good TV, even if Dwight hadn't intervened. With Frank vs. Pam, Frank was basically a one-off extra character who we've never seen before and will never see again, so it makes more sense to protect a more valuable cast member. – Mage Xy Oct 10 at 20:40

The other important point the other answer missed is that Pam was alone in the parking lot when Frank charged towards her. Only the crew (Cameraman & boom mic guy) were there. So naturally, Mike intervened & saved Pam.

When Roy attacked Jim, there were other people around to intervene so the crew could let the confrontation play. But if they let Frank attack Pam while they film it, it would be pretty shameful & inhumane on their part

  • "But if they let Frank attack Pam while they film it, it would be pretty shameful & inhumane on their part" Funny enough, this is what Brian was expected to do, since he got fired for intervening. – JMac Oct 11 at 12:51

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