I notice that both movies have McCoy lead character:

  • Getaway (1994): Carter "Doc" McCoy and his wife Carol
  • Real McCoy (1993): Karen McCoy

The names are somewhat similar (Carol/Karen) and also, importantly, both movies have Kim Basinger as a star. This lead me to think there might be some connection between two movies, almost if it is a dilogy. Is that correct or connections pure accidental?

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The Getaway is a remake of a Steve McQueen film released in 1972, which itself was based on a novel released in 1958. It therefore bears no relation to The Real McCoy. Apart from Basinger, the only other commonality I can find between the two films is that they were both distributed by Universal Studios, but Universal distribute so many films that I don't believe there's any significance to that.

The coincidence is certainly eerie, but that appears to be all it is: coincidence.

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